Lavender Profile

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Lavender Essential Oil Profile

Latin name: Lavandula Angustifolia  formerly known as Lavender Oficinalis, also known as Lavandula pyrenaica or Lavandula vera

     The names all refer to the exact same plant. The plant has been known by all of the above throughout history but the official Latin name has become Lavandula Angustifolia.

History: Lavender was traditionally used to “comfort the stomach.” Also as a cosmetic water. It has been used to scent linen. A very versatile oil.


Common Uses today: Lavender is used as a tea, especially with chamomile before bed to aid in sleep. May also be used in the form of the oil as a massage to promote relaxation and sleep. Used to soothe skin irritation such as insect bites.

Constituents: Lavender is made up of over 100 constituents, many of which are soothing to the nervous system. The most prevalent constituents are linalyl acetate, terpineol, cineol, limonene, ocimene caryophyllene.


                Analgesic: Pain relieving without loss of consciousness.








                Carminative: releases gas from the stomach

                Cholagogue: promotes flow of bile

                Choleretic: promotes bile secretion

                Cicatrizing: promotes wound healing

                Cordial: revives, invigorates



                Emmenagogue: promotes menstruation






                Sudorific: encourages sweating


                Vermifuge: kills parasitic worms

                Vulnerary: used for healing wounds

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Note: Although herbs and essential oils  perform many actions similar to that of pharmaceuticals, they are not tested as pharmaceuticals to for strength or efficiency to treat specific diseases. Herbs are properly used as a part of a healthy, natural life, but do not replace the advice of a skilled physician.

Essential oils are very concentrated and should be used appropriately. Do not use any essential oil ‘neat’ (undiluted, one or two drops, directly on skin) until you are confident of your own response to the oil.

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