Does it Matter if Essential Oils Are Labeled Food Grade Essential Oils?

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Does it Matter if Essential Oils Are Labeled Food Grade Essential Oils

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One of the things we are commonly asked about our essential oils is, “Are they labeled food grade essential oils?” At Mirapur™ Natural Oils we have made the decision to market our essential oils for external use for a few reasons. We believe the most effective and safe way to use essential oils is externally. We also know that we can pass on far better prices to you, the consumer, by marketing oils for external use. Finally, we wish to have integrity with our customers, using honest marketing and not making meaningless claims.


The first reason we chose not to label our essential oils food grade essential oils is the effectiveness of the essential oil. Most essential oils are extracted by steam distillation. The most volatile compounds of the plant material are collected from the steam and the volatile oil is then separated from the condensed water. What is left is in essence the scent of the plant. All of the solid and heavier liquid components of the plant have been separated out. It therefore is very logical that the most natural way to use an essential oil is through inhalation. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy lists diffusion as the primary way essential oils should be used.


We occasionally will have someone tell us that they use an essential oil in their water instead of buying fruit. We should be very cautious about using essential oils as a food additive. Essential oils are very concentrated and while they are very safely used internally in many cultures, they must not be used without thorough knowledge and proper training. According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, it is very unlikely for essential oils to become toxic when used topically in dilution or through diffusion. On the other hand, Essential oils should never be used consumed without the advice of an aromatherapist or medical practitioner.


Another reason we have chosen to label our essential oils as for external use and not as food grade essential oils is for the cost effectiveness. Like any other business there is a liability risk in how you market your products. In order to sell essential oils marketed for internal use a company must pay a much higher price for their insurance policy. That cost is then passed on to the consumer and results in much higher prices.


There are certainly legitimate uses for food grade essential oils. I have a bee keeping friend who uses lemongrass (which possibly ends up in the honey) to attract bees. But we have found that our costumer base primarily is using our essential oils for diffusion. Some companies are marketing their oils as if they were a better quality because they are food grade. Food grade is not a quality indication. Pure steam-distilled essential oils are the same quality whether the bottle recommends internal or external use. We want to remain perfectly honest with our customers.

We trust this article will be helpful to you when making a decision to purchase or not purchase food grade essential oils.    This article may also help clear up your understanding of the issue, an issue that has many people confused. 

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